Coding Dojo: Example Katas

If you've came to this page directly, you might want to read my article on Coding Dojos. It also has a video of a presentation I gave at a local TechMeetup.

These are the problems I've set in my monthly Dojos. They will usually be based on another existing example. The main benefit of these here is that they are in a standard format.

Bowling Scores

Full Specification

The goal of this program is to model a game of bowling. Given a series of input the program should output the players final score.

Vending Machine

Full Specification [Original]

The goal of this program is to model a vending machine and the state it must maintain during it’s operation.

Converting numeral systems

Full Specification

Converting between different numeral systems. Urnfield and Roman numerals

Test First Spreadsheet

Full Specification [Original]

During this dojo we will be implementing a Spreadsheet from scratch. We will start with the formula engine and write a GUI if there is time.

Bank OCR

Full Specification [Original]

Your manager has recently purchased a machine that assists in reading letters and faxes sent in by branch offices. The machine scans the paper documents, and produces a file with a number of entries. You will write a program to parse this file.